SoCal, so awesome.

25 May

Well dear friends. It’s been a while. It’s been well over a year since I’ve updated this blog, and some big things and some small things have happened since then. I’ve grown, Orderly Civilians has not grown so much, but it’s been quite the year nonetheless.

As I write this, I’m sitting on the really cute picnic table that the boyfriend picked up and refurbished in the gorgeous Southern Californian outdoors. It feels so decadent to be sitting here, enjoying the sunshine and iced green tea after month upon month of rainsleetsnow and down coats and yaktrax"" and unyielding deadlines and Adobe CS5. It still feels like I need to do something, be somewhere, turn in something and I keep having dreams that I’m still in school and my project is due in two days. Needless to say, I’m having trouble adjusting to summer vacation. Not that that’s a bad thing at all.

Well, let’s back up a bit. Last August, I packed up my whole life into 12 boxes and left everything and everyone I held dear and moved clear across the country to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in order to study Landscape Architecture at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard. In a lot of ways, Boston is very similar to Los Angeles, but smaller and more brick-y. More lush. Less barren. And there are small things that are different, such as the omnipresence of ginger ale and sparkling water, the proliferation of Zipcars and food delivery and that there is always a hard cider or fruity beer option at the bar (Good things). And then there are the bad things: the cold, the lack of decent, moderately priced food that is not either Indian or Thai, driving, cancelled flights… It’s a grab bag of good vs. bad, but all things considered, the move hasn’t been all that horrible and I’m getting the hang of East Coast living.

Butttttt….it’s summer vacation now! And unlike all of my über on-top-of-things, super ambitious schoolmates who are travelling the world on summer internships with such-and-such amazing firm, I’m opting to spend what could very well be my last summer vacation growing my fledgling business, updating my portfolio and picking carrots from our garden.

To that end, I’ve also just set up a Facebook page for Orderly Civilians.

Now on to the lazing around…



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