Lightning strikes…back?

3 Mar

I have it on very good authority that one of our lovely Globe Rings made it to Etsy’s front page yesterday! I woke up to a flurry of orders (okay, just two for the two that were listed) and quite a number of inquiries about the future of the series.


I can’t get over it at all. It can be so hard to start up a tiny little company. Some never even get that first sale. So to have a representative of both our signature pieces chosen for Etsy’s front page is nothing short of astounding and we are so, so blessed and grateful. Not to be forgotten are the lovely Etsyians who have hand picked our pieces for their treasuries, displaying them amongst some of the best and brightest in the handmade world. There’s nothing like the thrill of getting that little convo that says “Out of thousands, I like YOU the best!” (at least that is what I read…)

Four, almost five months later and 33 sales, already. That may fall somewhat short of the hundreds of sales some have made, but it’s amazing in its own right and honestly, each one is thrilling and




I’m convince that there is little better in the world than that feeling you get when an order is all boxed up, wrapped in brown paper, labeled, and ready for the postman to pick up. It’s a tingling sort of happiness, warm and fuzzy in the heart. As if all is right in the world and in a few days, someone will open their mailbox, and there it will be. Well, perhaps the excitement of receiving a package in the mail is just about as exciting as sending one, even if it’s one you knew was coming and which you paid for.

In any case, thank you, from every corner of the tiny little one-room production line that is Orderly Civilians.

We’re glad you’re here with us.



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