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Going global

28 Feb

Hello, 2010!

(Yes, we are a bit late, but you know what they say about late and never…)

Things have calmed down quite a bit after the rush of the holidays and we are pleased to trot out some new wares this year!

Introducing the Globe Ring series in glitter and figure varieties (please excuse the ghetto blu-tac…one day, museum gel…) :

Glitter and SnowGlobes!

Fool's Gold Ring - Available soon!

We also are now offering Apple Necklaces! Available in Mythic and Red Delicious, but requests are accepted as well!

Thanks to the always lovely Fan for allowing us use of her neck


eBay, oh eBay, make me some money, please!

28 Feb

I’ve listed some items for sale on the wonderful world of online auctioning. Have a look…Perhaps you’ll find something that you’ve been looking for all your life.

eBay is for lovers

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