Gift guide under $25

13 Dec


It’s shaping up to be a wonderful Christmas over here at the Orderly Civilians HQ! With all these orders coming in, we’ve been super busy filling orders and running back and forth to the post office all week long.

Although, really, we’d have it no other way.

Our Red Delicious ring is currently being featured on Etsy’s Gift Guide Under $25!

200-12-12 Gift Guide Under $25

 Thanks, Etsy! There’s some really great stuff on there that’s made the Etsy rounds, and we’re pleased to be featured amongst lengendary Etsyians such as byrdandbelle:

Ipod Nano case from byrdandbelle $19.00

Etsy user LANCERIKA also featured our Cherry Bing! ring on her Treasury List on December 10th. It’s unfortunate how fast treasury lists get taken down, but at least more sellers are able to be featured. Thanks, LANCERIKA!

Thanks for your support, everyone. It means so much more than we could ever say.


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