we make things.

16 Oct

If Orderly Civilians is to me a beloved child, then architecture (my day job), in many ways, would be my husband.

I had this conversation last night about salaries and how much more I would be able to make if I had chosen to be something more along the lines of a sales manager or even an F1 help-text writer. Ridiculously boring jobs, but ones that pay far more for less effort than my current job. That is not to say that sales and help-text writing are not demanding jobs–some of the most admirable and convincing people I know of are the sales reps who troop into our office and bring us delicious lunches (Bottega Louie!) and miraculously always know what to say and exactly how to say it.

Specify my product!
Specify my product
Now I’m sure that these guys get a special thrill for every dollar of product that winds up in a $$$$$$$$$$ construction project, but there is just something completely indescribable about making things that would be lost forever if I had chosen a different career.
A month or so back, I made a detour to LA Mission College  up in Sylmar on my way back to Clovis, where one of the first buildings that I have ever worked on in a design capacity is being built. It’s a community college building and as a direct result of conservative board members, is not all that adventurous design-wise. But it’s a sturdy sort of building, functional and straightforward, and it was so amazing to see the building parts that I had worked on in 2D drawings becoming physical reality. Silly things, like exit stairs that I had worked out, or the loading dock that I had chosen colors for.
Rebar that will eventually become stairs

Rebar that will eventually become stairs

Almost Ando-esque

Almost Ando-esque

There is just something gorgeous about being able to point to something and say “I conceived of this.”

– ChairmanMHow


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