for now, happy.

14 Oct

It’s one of those rare occasions in an Angeleno year where you can fall asleep to the sound of falling rain.

Well, perhaps it’s more like the sound of tires on wet asphalt, but it’s still something, I suppose.

Things have been a bit gloomy around here as of late, amongst all the good that has happened. Within four hours of listing, our cherry ring was featured on a Treasury list, and within a day, we had our first sale to a stranger (no longer, hopefully) all the way over in Iowa. This was followed up two days later with yet another sale to a fellow crafter in North Carolina. Then we headed over to Los Feliz and left one of our mythic apple rings for designer Carol Young to take a look at (she wasn’t in at the time).We received our seller’s permit, and our Fictitious Business Name statement had been approved and was on its way to the printing press.

So there was all this excitement and buzz and general optimism about Orderly Civilians and the possibilities that seemed bounded only by the limits of our creativity. And it was so great.

But since then, things have slowed down. There hasn’t been much activity on the sales front, we had a hiccup with PayPal, and a friend’s negativity started to get the better of us. What if no one likes our products? What if our listings are buried under a mountain of other apple rings? What if no one even wants an apple ring? What if we make two sales for the entire fiscal year and have to pay a mountain of business taxes out of pocket?

Insecurity is a hard thing to get over, and it’s harder than you’d think to give up on caring about what those closest to you think. I’ve always been one to jump headfirst in to things and get really excited about a new opportunity or venture, and I still think that it’s a good thing and a good trait to have. Otherwise, I’d never start anything and end up doing nothing at all but play Cooking Mama and Final Fantasy all day long. Of course, this means that the downside is that once started, it’s hard for me to find the energy to keep going once the initial honeymoonish phase is over. I tend to take things to heart and feel everything, both the good and the bad. Highs are ridiculously giddy and euphoric, and the lows are exactly the opposite.

So it’s been in this mindframe that I’ve been wandering around in recently, lost. We’ve not gotten much done in terms of creating much backstock or generating prototypes and ideas for new products. Our Moo business cards came in and they look spectacular (although we forgot to include our e-mail for inquiries–it’s, by the by) and our Seller’s Permit start-up package came. Today, we received more ring blanks/shanks and our new stock of wooden apples came in. But other than that, it’s been pretty hard to drum up the energy to work on much of anything.

Moo business cards <3

Moo business cards ❤

Today, however, I checked our Etsy listings, which I pretty much haven’t done since receiving the first two orders, and was just completely floored. Although we’ve made only a handful of sales, the number of views and hearts (each heart represents an Etsy user that has bookmarked an item as a favorite) that our humble rings have received is overwhelming. Our Mythic Apple ring has been the most popular by far and has received 703 views and 57 hearts, the Red Delicious Apple ring has received 222 views and 22 hearts, the Granny Smith Apple ring has received 159 views and 12 hearts, while our Bing Cherry ring has received 115 views and 1 heart.

Really, I almost fell off my chair. It was so nice and wonderful to see these figures, and so validating as well. Almost a reassurance of divine proportions that I’ve not gone totally off in terms of taste and judgement. Sure, sales are more sluggish than we had hoped, but really, how many times have I hearted something on Etsy and not purchased? It’s enough that there are people who LIKE them, and perhaps even WANT them. And one day, when disposable incomes are easier to come by, maybe, just maybe, they’ll remember that really awesome apple ring that they saw once upon a time.

Daniela and her apples

Daniela and her apples

It is more than enough.

So now it’s time for listening to the gutters drip and dream of all sorts of impossible. But tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow we’ll all march forward with faith in ourselves and our visions.

P.S. :

How cute is this?

– ChairmanMHow


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