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suck it, lady with a tooth in her eye

17 Sep

THIS is the best thing I’ve seen all day.


Eye teeth.

17 Sep
An eye tooth for an eye

An eye tooth for an eye

There is this story circulating recently about a blind lady whose sight was restored by the implantation of a prosthetic lens held by one of her eye teeth in her eye. It’s all at once amazing, bizarre, hilarious, and awesomely symmetrical.

They pulled out her tooth (and a section of her jaw), shaped and sculpted both, implanted both along with the lens into her chest, and then finally implanted it in to her eye.


Speaking of, I’m completely head over heels with the miniature worlds of Thomas Doyle.

There is this immeasurable sense of ironic loneliness within the fantastic in his work that is just astounding.

And his craft is just amazing.

Who doesn’t love a good scale model?

I’ll take them all.


Soapbox Derby

16 Sep

Oh, the Red Bull Soapbox Derby is coming to downtown Los Angeles this year on the 26th of September:

Red Bull gives you Roman charioteering skills

Red Bull gives you Roman charioteering skills

yo Kanye!

16 Sep

I’m convinced that memes are by far the best non-useful thing ever to come out of the interwebs.



Happy first post, all!

Welcome to the bloc.

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